The Portland Plank Massacre of 2006

by | Jul 7, 2006 | Stress Blog

What really happened at the Libertarian Party convention? by Brian Doherty

“What happened was: The Libertarian Party’s platform, which a week ago had 61 planks, now has only 15.

“The LP members in convention assembled have always had the power, via paper vote, to choose to retain or delete any platform plank, outside the normal floor debate. Prior to this convention, that power had never been used once. This time it was used to get rid of almost everything. (Some of the planks still present are the result of fresh floor debates this year that combined elements of previously existing planks into new ones.)

Most party-watchers agree that the Great Portland Plank Massacre of 2006 was the result of a concerted effort by the Libertarian Reform Caucus (LRC), led by former anarcho-Rothbardian turned “holistic politician” Carl Milsted. While its caucus meetings only drew about 50 of the delegates, that was more than enough, with concerted floor work, for the LRC to achieve much of its ostensible goal.”

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