The Neocon’s response: blame it all on Iran

by | Jun 20, 2007 | Stress Blog | 8 comments

Looks like the Israelis do not want to release Barghouti, or at least so says Avi Dichter, the Israeli “Security Minister”: “Barghouti is certainly a prominent figure in Fatah and in the West Bank, and maybe also in general Palestinian society. But this man built his status on our backs and with our blood“. Besides the usual bizarre “blood thing” which seems to affect so many Israelis, the man has got a good point: Barghouti certainly has a long track of fighting Israel. Moreover, Dichter added that Barghouti could not be released “as part of an experiment where we will say ‘maybe it will help and maybe it won’t“. Again – I can only agree with him: it is unclear whose bidding Barghouti would do if freed. At least Abbas is a puppet in the Karzai/Siniora mold, whereas Barghouti could prove a far more independent figure. And that is precisely why the Israelis should release him: because he has credibility, because he is popular, because he has the stature to negotiate with all the parties involved.

The fact that Dichter finds this as a reason not to release him simply shows that the Israelis are not interested in serious negotiations.

So what’s next?  Here is my take on it.

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