The Neocon regime in Washington starts yet another war

by | May 23, 2007 | Stress Blog | 3 comments

First there was Afghanistan, then Iraq, then Somalia (yes, this is a US started war), and now there is Lebanon/Palestine. Please follow me here step by step:

For a description of the US “redirection”, i.e. using Al-Qaeda to fight Hezbollah and the Shia in Iraq, please read this.

Then for a description of what the effects on the groud are, read this.

For a confirmation that the US is, indeed, behind this attack see here.
Finally, here is an accout of what is going on written by a Lebanese blogger.

Clearly, what is taking place is yet another US war waged on Israel’s behalf (what interest could the USA have in supporting Al-Qaeda anywhere?!).

Combine this with the current Israeli attack on Gaza (where the US and Israel train, finance and arms Mohammed Dahlan’s thugs) and you have a clear picture of what is going on.
Sure – this is a war by proxy, but nobody in the Middle-East has any illusions as to who is behind this.

After Olmert & Cheney got their asses kicked in Lebanon by Hezbollah, they have come up with yet another brilliant plan: to use Sunni thugs (Fatah in Gaza) and Salafists (Fatah Al-Islam in Lebanon) to fight the next covert US Imperial war. This will become a textbook example of blowback originating action.

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