The Case of the Translator and the House Speaker

by | Feb 8, 2006 | Stress Blog

Remember back in August when Vanity Fair ran that great article about Sibel Edmonds called “An Inconvenient Patriot“?

Part of the story was about how, as part of her work translating for the FBI, Sibel had overheard American Turkish Council types bragging about bribing the Speaker of the House, “Denny boy” Hastert, into withdrawing a House resolution condeming Turkey for the Armenian genocide. (Murderous governments condeming each other for 90-year-old pogroms seems a bit silly anyway, no?)

In any case, Hastert’s office basically just laughed it off at the time, but now 5 months later, for some strange reason, they have decided to defend themselves – in a quite pathetic manner.

BradBlog has the letter from Hastert’s attorney (including David Rose’s response) and Sibel’s complete demolition of of their too little too late defense of his actions.

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