Tales from Airstrip One and Some Woes from the Once Republic

by | Jul 2, 2006 | Stress Blog

Hey y’all, I want to recommend this great article from Vanity Fair, reprinted in the Independent, about the sorry, Orwellian state of “Great” Britain under Tony Blair.

But does Tony Blair have drooling war-bot idiots who blindly support his every move like Bush has in his Red-State Fascists? How does he get away with it?

I gotta say, the attacks on the NY Times and the Supreme Court this week are pretty disturbing. It’s like the entire political debate in this country has devolved to the level of, well, blogs.

I’ve been reading some old antiwar essays by Garet Garrett from the Saturday Evening Post, and to read the quality of his prose and see him refer over and over to the idea that this (Roosevelt’s policy) was no way for a “dignified nation” to act is actually pretty shocking. America – a dignified nation? A literate, concerned one? I guess that’s why his essay “Ex-America” is 54 years old.

Imagine. An entire campaign against the media for exposing the state, rather than for peddling its lies.

Also, check out Ron Paul’s speech to the House about why everyone is so angry. I’m only about to read it, but since it’s by him, I’m certain it’s insightful (inciteful) enough to blog about, and I want to take the opportunity to say what I think it is:

The pathetic flimsiness of the lies our politicians use to get away with the worst of crimes. Those of us who see through it go crazy seeing our neighbors swallow the stuff whole and then flip out on us for pointing out the truth.

“You must be a leftist! “You want the Terrorists to take over America!!” “Wwwaaaa!!”

Having long run out of plausible excuses, they are panicking, and their rage is being directed toward the bearers of bad news and the courts which say there are limits to executive power.

The DoJ is not going to take on the Times, nor will Bush ignore the Court, but what will they use all this pressure to justify? They have to use it for something, and whatever it is, it won’t be good.

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