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by | Oct 3, 2011 | Stress Blog

Hey look, even I disagree with the man on like 3 things. Or 4. But no matter what your problem is, you have to admit that Ron Paul is the best candidate for president we’ve had in a long, long time – and in the foreseeable future too.

First of all, he ain’t really a politician. Everyone knows that. Even TV says here’s a candidate who’s always been about using his office as a platform to teach people about liberty, not enhance his own power and prestige. Way back in the 90s the Washington Post did a story about how lobbyists don’t bother coming by his office because he thinks everything they want is unconstitutional, and so he can never be bought.

Paul is a doctor. Not a lawyer.

He gives back much of his office budget every year, never takes taxpayer-paid junkets around and refuses the plush congressional health care and retirement plans. The man’s even been with the same woman since they were 16.

Okay, so he could be a decent man, not the typical DC snake, but could still be horrible on all the issues.

But he’s good on everything that counts at all:
Religious freedom and tolerance
Whole Bill of Rights
Executive Power
Corporate Welfare
Monetary and Fiscal policy
Taxes – the best ever in the world on taxes
Business Regulations
Drug War

Look at his voting record. There’s no hypocrisy in it. He’s been consistently for good shit, and against bad for 40 years.

Read A Foreign Policy of Freedom, for example.

And the man deserves his honorary doctorate in economics, having written more than a couple great books, including the Minority Report of the Gold Commission from 1981.

Paul’s been right about the terror war all along.

He’s been right about the federalization and militarization of the police all along.

He’s been right about the financial bubbles all along. And he’s right about the budget being blown and the danger that the government will have to destroy the dollar – and all savings denominated in dollars – in order to pay off the debt.

Limited constitutional republic, or imperial collapse and devastation.

It’s more than just a simple choice. It’s an actual no-joke real opportunity.

A few hundred bucks to the Revolution SuperPac and/or one vote in a Republican primary wouldn’t kill ya. Am I right? Paint a sign. Talk to your neighbors. Run a table at a thing or something. Do something!

Okay, thanks.

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