Social Psycology Experiment – Your Life in the Balance

by | Apr 29, 2006 | Stress Blog

Two weeks ago I wrote up a little diddy called “Indict the Department of Justice” about the criminal nature of every single one of America’s post-9/11 terrorism cases, and ending with the question of whether the State could get a conviction of the father and son in Lodi, California (later updated, answer “Yes” for the latter) based on the bought and paid for ($350,000) testimony of a single witness who also claimed on the stand that Ayman al-Zawahiri was in town in 1999 – a lie so perposterous that even the lying, murdering Department of Justice disavowed it.

While the jurors deliberated, all the headlines were about “sighs of relief” from the people in town who were realizing belatedly that the national government of the United States and the criminals who run it are more than happy to frame and convict an innocent person – in this case their neighbor. Upon finding out that the accused were set-up by the state, and remembering also that they aren’t of Pakistani dissent, most of the folks in town felt great knowing they weren’t in danger from terrorist “sleeper cells” or the state at any point in the near future.

Then the goofball jury convicted the son anyway!

Now one of the jurors is trying to renounce her vote, saying she was “pressured” into it.

God save America from our government and all accused whose lives are placed in the hands of dimwits like this – when they get jurys at all.

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