Six Branch Davidians to be Set Free

by | Apr 21, 2006 | Stress Blog

From Brian Doherty at Reason:

“On the 13th anniversary, yesterday, of one of the most vivid public government atrocities in our lifetime, the federal assault on and destruction of the Branch Davidians’ home in Waco, the good (though inadequate) news comes that six imprisoned Davidians will be set free soon.

One of them, Paul Gordon Fatta, is understatedly said by AP to be “angry about the government’s actions.” Fatta wasn’t even present during the raid or its horrific end; he was jugged on charges of helping Koresh possess illegal machine guns. Also worth remembering, which I find many don’t in casual conversations, is that all of them were acquitted of the murder and conspiracy to commit murder charges.”

Funny thing about Fatta, he left Mount Carmel on the morning of the raid about 2 hours before the stormtroopers arrived with a truck FULL of guns, towing a trailer FULL of guns.

Was he on his way to begin the war for Armageddon Hill?

Was he plotting to slay helpless children?

No. He was on his way to Austin to sell them at the gun show.

As San Antonio Express News reporter and Ashes of Waco author Dick Reavis instucted the corrupt House oversite investigation committee back in 1995, “That ‘stockpile’ is called an ‘inventory.'”

Like thousands of other Texans, approximately 5 Davidians had a gun business. Pretty un-Christian and un-Texan of them, huh?

“Those people were not criminals.” – Capt. David Byrne, Texas Rangers

“Not Guilty.” – The jury

“Fuck that, ya’ll are going to prison.” – Judge Walter Smith


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