Site down this morning

by | Jun 5, 2006 | Stress Blog

Some of you may have experienced a problem connecting to the site this morning. Since I’m responsible for the site, and I had made no administrative changes recently, it caught me rather by surprise. It was clear from the start that since no other site our ISP’s server was working, and since it was producing a download link rather than running the PHP scripts the site uses, that PHP was not functioning properly. Here is what the ISP says:

“We’re sorry for the inconvenience, there was a problem with PHP on the server. It has been resolved.”

Whyyoulittle–[choking sounds]. It’s ridiculous for something as relatively simple as PHP to be missing or misconfigured on an enterprise server for 3+ hours. Any competent Linux Admin could fix such a problem in just a few minutes. And where’s Red Hat’s highly touted (and paid) support team? GLGHAAAACCK [sounds of exasperated head banging repeatedly on desk]

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