Sibel Edmonds Case: More Destruction of Evidence re Nuclear Black Market

I have a new post up over at Let Sibel Edmonds Speak which takes a closer look at the US government’s apparent involvement in the destruction of evidence in a criminal trial in Switzerland.  The prosecution of Urs Tinner, one of the key suppliers of the AQ Khan network, is now unlikely to proceed.

Why would the USG/CIA want to avoid a public trial of the Khan network? According to the Guardian:

Had the evidence been presented in court, compromising and embarrassing information about the CIA’s activities with the Khan network could have surfaced, say experts and officials.

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  1. lukery

    I’m having trouble posting full articles over here at Stress. Apologies for sending you over to LSES to read the whole post.

  2. mudshark

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  3. stevec

    No show today ?

    I think Scott is getting the third degree on the fire at the Governor’s mansion…. I hope he can account for his whereabouts when the fire started.

  4. Bob Bogus

    I wonder if the TSA got a hold of him. He could be languishing in an airport jail. Did you know that today airports have jails? Today flying entails being treated like a criminal and being herded into a plane in the cattle call where you are crammed into the plane like a sardine into a can. It seems that every year Amerikans’ asses get bigger while the airline seats get smaller. Amerika, fuck ya!

  5. Ozymandias

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