11 thoughts on “Sibel Edmonds and Luke Ryland on Antiwar Radio (you-tube)”

  1. Bob Bogus

    It’s really unbelievable how the media has chosen to ignore and then bury the blockbuster story of Sibel Edmonds. How do you explain the media’s behavior? And how do you explain Waxman’s behaviour?

    I’m know fan of conspiracy theories but it seems clear that when things reach a certain point the media, the so-called oposition party, the courts and other parts of the so-called checks and balances all colude to protect what is in fact a criminal system.

    Sibel’s story reminds me of the stories of Katherine Austin Fits and Gary Webb. Same deal as far as the supposed checks and balances working together protect the criminals and destroy the innocent.

  2. m saichek

    I think I am getting a kindergarden crush on Ms. Edmonds. What a scrupulous and brave woman she is. I hope one day her case will come to a true closing…

  3. Bob Bogus

    And of course this collusion works perfectly for the guilty in government. Go up to 1000 Amerikan Sheeple and ask them who Sibel Edmonds is. You’ll be lucky if one knows.

    Meanwhile the criminals in and out of government continue to get rich off their crime sprees. Amerika, fuckya (as the song goes). Whadda country!

  4. Bob Bogus

    What floors me is that in a place like the USSR Sibel would probably have an “unfortnuate accident” and that would be the end of her. But in Amerika, the criminal government and media are so brazen and the Sheeple so braindead that the government has to do virtually nothing to get away with treason.

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