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With Ann Jones’s interview on Afghanistan yesterday, the official count is now 3,000 interviews here in the archives at, starting with the late great Alan Bock 10 years ago last April.

That number isn’t perfect because I’ve lost one Glenn Greenwald and one Ivan Eland interview, I deleted one with a crank, one because the guy had a day job that wouldn’t approve, and another because the guest was afraid that Hosni Mubarak would kill her. There were also a few back in 1999 and 2000 with David Thibodeau, the surviving Branch Davidian, on my first show, Say it Ain’t So, on Free Radio Austin, that were lost in the Great Storage Shed Robbery of 2002.

Skewing the count the other way, a handful or so of them were conducted by Angela Keaton or Zooey Greif over the past few years.

But anyway, so yeah. 3,000. Thanks very much to everyone who’s helped me out with this project over the years, and to all my listeners and supporters too.

Speaking of which, I’m starting up a new funddrive to help keep the show going for at least the next little while and hopefully continue with improvements on the site and the show.

Donate here at — any donation of $100 or more, and you get a one-ounce pure silver QR Code Commodity Disc — or email me if you’d like to advertise on the site or the show.

And thanks.

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