Saudi America (or Theocracy Now!)

by | Dec 13, 2005 | Stress Blog

Remember Bernard Kerik, the former nominee for director of the Department of Homeland Security, who had to withdraw his nomination on the count of the fact that he is a criminal?

I saw him on Neil Cavuto tonight, during a discussion of how unbearably long it took for the State of California to get their shit together and kill “Tookie” Williams, speaking favorably about the way law and order is handled in Saudi Arabia where he lived for four years.

“You get one appeal within 30 days, and then they execute you,” he drooled. “So there’s less execution per-capita.”

First the terrorists, now the gang members too! How long must we suffer under the tyranny of this Bill of Rights? It’s not a suicide pact. Isn’t this a democracy? Give the people what they want: Execution within 30 days of their trial by a judge of divine appointment.

Pass the Pepsi and thank the Lord for Fox News Channel.

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