Rice: World Not Helping With Saddam Trial

by | Dec 14, 2005 | Stress Blog

From the AP:

WASHINGTON – The world has shirked its duty to help prosecute Saddam Hussein, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Tuesday. “The international community’s effective boycott of Saddam’s trial is only harming the Iraqi people, who are now working to secure the hope of justice and freedom that Saddam long denied them,” Rice said. The top U.S. diplomat also predicted that the Iraqi elections this week would yield the most democratic government “in the entire Middle East.” She did not mention the long-standing democracy in Israel. [Heh. -editor]

“I am sad to say that the international community has barely done anything to help Iraq prosecute Saddam Hussein,” she said.

“All who express their devotion to human rights and the rule of law have a special obligation to help the Iraqis bring to justice one of the world’s most murderous tyrants.”

It is roundly agreed that the “trial” of former US employee Saddam Hussein is a complete farce, complete with Hussein taking control of the court to rant against the legitimacy of the courts juristiction, but what is it that “the world” is supposed to do to fix it?

She did not name names, nor say just what other nations could do to help. Although the former president’s trial is being carried out in an Iraqi court, with an Iraqi judge, the United States underwrote and helped organize the criminal investigation and prosecution effort.

How did this ridiculous person ever become the Secretary of State?

Oh, right. She was promoted after doing her part in lying tens of thousands of civilians to death.

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