Retired USSC Justice Stevens: Repeal the 2nd Amendment

by | Mar 27, 2018 | Stress Blog

Other than conservatives, is there a group of people anywhere dumber than American liberals? How childish is this thinking?: Change the law and all the guns will vanish and then shooting will decrease.

Here’s a more likely result: the second America Civil War, mass assassinations and murders, state secession, hundreds of thousands or even millions killed in, wait for it … gun violence, as Americans by the millions choose to protect their rights to firearms by using them, and the state clamps down in response.

Here’s the thing though: it ain’t gonna happen. Republicans already control most of the state governments. The media echo-chamber insists on their consensus, but this November gun owners are going to show they are far more dedicated on this issue than those who would grab them. Bet.

I mean not that the GOP is reliable on the issue, but they’re far less likely to try things like an AR-15 ban or constitutional amendment about it.

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