Public Relations (subject of email to )

by | Jun 22, 2007 | Stress Blog | 4 comments

Dear Ms. Koberg,

I see that your job title is “Public Relations Director.” Congratulations on attaining this fine position that is no doubt the culmination of years of hard work.

Far be it from me to offer you any advice on how to do your job, but if I were you, I would be aware that your organization’s decision to ban Dr. Ron Paul from the Iowa debates is not likely to enhance the standing of your institution in the eyes of the public. It is making news everwhere. The world knows about it. It is “bad PR.”

Given that your job is to handle “PR,” do you think that you might be able to influence or advise your management in favor of reversing their position re: Dr. Paul?

One talking point you may consider is that Ron Paul is the only Republican candidate who will unequivocably move to abolish the IRS (and the income tax) as a top priority of his office. He is the only candidate who favors reestablishing a stable money supply by phasing out the fiat monetary system that is the cause of both inflation and business cycles in America. Inflation, mind you, is also a hidden tax.

Can you think of any candidate who is ANY MORE in favor of “tax relief?” I cannot.

That transparently obvious point renders the alleged mission of your organization (i.e., “Iowans for TAX RELIEF” ) a little questionable, doesn’t it? Perhaps a name change is in order: how about “Iowans for Tax Relief for Friends of the GOP” …?


Oscar Goldman