Notes on Ron Paul on Jay Leno

by | Jan 7, 2008 | Stress Blog

So far:

Leno complained that Dr. Paul’s exclusion from the Fox news debate Sunday night was unfair and said he invited him on to explain what he thinks Fox’s problem must be.

Take that Ailes, you jerk!

After that: Leno: You’re as good as any of them, what the hell?

Paul: I’m consistent with the Constitution and the Republican platform and they’re not, and so the competition and Fox are embarrassed. And because I opposed the war in Iraq all along and they were all wrong. Romney: Religion shouldn’t matter, kind of a flip-flopper. I don’t flip flop. Leno point out the money. Paul says yes, the grassroots gave me $20 million dollars.

Rudy doesn’t understand terrorism, I gave him books. Here’s the deal: Murderers are 100% responsible for their actions, however, the fact remains, occupation incites terrorism. We’ve been intervening in the Middle East for a long, long time. Threats of more wars on the horizon. We can’t do it. We can’t afford it. The economy is busted because of the war. Oh, and then all about paper money – the continental dollar and inflation! Everyone talks change, but what kind? I say there’s only one way: The Constitution of the United States. I like Dennis Kucinich because he helps me try to protect the Bill of Rights and stop the spread of our Middle Eastern war. We disagree about economics, but it’s important to have friends on the other side.

Excellent interview. Let’s hope that helps tomorrow.

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