5 thoughts on “Newsflash!!”

  1. Angela

    Went to a screening of the new Rolling Stone concert movie, “Shine a Light,” last night. Sure enough the Clintons are in the first 15 minutes. Can anyone rid me of this pesky family?

  2. Mace Price

    …Yes, a certain loquacious, bought and paid for African-American con-artist we’re all more than familiar with; has been appointed to fulfill that very task—Adieu Ancient Regime de le Gauche, Adios Big Mother, Bye Bye Bullshit Bill—Then “Killer” McCain will relieve you of Obama’s canned pandering to all those naive, espresso sipping, idealistic anti-global warming, NPR Listening, New Yorker reading sensitive, humanist souls in Mercedes-Benz, about “Reform” ” Bringing us together” “The reeling in of “special interests” “Purple America”…and the rest of the Liberal Establishment’s rhetorical drill…P.S. Sorry, there’s nothing I can do about “Killer” McCain…You’re stuck with him lady.

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