New Antiwar Documentary

by | Jun 9, 2006 | Stress Blog

A new antiwar documentary has been released in theatres. It’s called “Sir! No Sir!” It’s a discussion on antiwar sentiments amongst US troops int eh Vietnam era, particularly following the Tet Offensive in 1968. From Ebert’s review:

The film claims bombing was used toward the end of the war because the military leadership wondered, frankly, if some of their ground troops would obey orders to attack. It’s also said there were a few Air Force B-52 crews that refused to bomb North Vietnam. And in San Diego, sailors on an aircraft carrier tried to promote a local vote on whether their ship should be allowed to sail for Vietnam.

The movie discusses the glossed-over fact that at least 60,000 troops agreed with Jane Fonda’s protests, and shows video footage to prove it:

What cannot be denied is the newsreel footage of uniformed troops in anti-war protests, of Fonda’s uniformed audiences at “FTA” concerts, of headlines citing Pentagon concern about troop morale, the “fragging” of officers, the breakdown of discipline, and the unwillingness of increasing numbers of soldiers to fight a war they had started to believe was wrong.

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