Meet the New IMF, Same as the Old IMF

by | Oct 3, 2007 | Stress Blog | 1 comment

from ADEBlog

Leave it to a socialist to provide the International Monetary Fund with its new agenda, basically the same old agenda.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, a former finance and economics minister in French politician Lionel Jospin’s ‘Plural Left’ government, ‘said overhauls he intends for the IMF will allow it to adapt to ’a new balance of power in the world’ and ’to the new kind of financial crisis’ that has hit financial markets recently,’ according to the Wall Street Journal. Of course, this supposed ‘new balance of power in the world’ is the same old balance of power, that is to say the same old neoliberal principles are at work, albeit with a shiny new veneer designed to trick the public, as usual.