Medical Socialism

by | May 24, 2007 | Stress Blog | 13 comments


I met a Brit who said his dad had a stroke and the government health care providers didn’t even bother with him. Why? They calculated how long he’d be alive, and realized he wouldn’t be much of a tax asset to them. There are still cost benefit analyses done under socialism, despite what leftists — either lying, naive, stupid or evil — say. Only, under socialism, such analyses are done with more cruelty and less efficiency.

If America had a free market in medicine, rather than health fascism, it would be easier for people to see through the transparent lunacy of all these socialist universal-health-care-mongers. Unfortunately, we can expect these commies to agitate for Sovietizing the system, until the one day all of America’s hospitals look like Walter Reed.

(Oh, and for those who say Walter Reed is private and not public, you don’t know anything, or you’re lying, or something. Somehow, some people manage to blame everything the government does on private enterprise, and yet cheer on the Nanny State even though it gets every single resource it spends by stealing it, at gunpoint, from the heroes who work in the private sector, doing what they can to build and sustain civilization.)