Karen Kwiatkowski on C-SPAN with Brian Lamb

by | Apr 4, 2006 | Stress Blog

Check it out:

Her story, Why We Fight, neoconservatism, OSP, Luti calling Zinni a traitor, Franklin, Ledeen, David Shenker, WINEP, PNAC, Shultz’s memo to Rumsfeld in Summer 2002, how she regrets that it never occured to her to do a Dan Ellsberg and steal documents, Soldier for the Truth David Hackworth (RIP) and his publishing of her anonymous essays from the Pentagon, Ahmad Chalabi and his handler Col. Bruner, Curveball, Michael Mackovsky, permanent bases in Iraq and America’s military “footprint,” the warfare economy, her sunny optimism and more…

Good for you Brian Lamb!!

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