Just 18 days left in 2005

by | Dec 13, 2005 | Stress Blog

And still, only 28% understand that Iraq was unarmed, a point which even Fox News has conceded.

That slimy piece of gutter filth, Dick Morris, has slithered out from his dank lair to warn the Democrats from sounding too antiwar – it might cost them the support of the American people:

A Fox News poll completed Nov. 30 suggests that while half of Americans would like to see a schedule for withdrawal of U.S. troops, a majority feel the war has done good things – and a larger majority feel that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq when President Bush told us there were.

By 52 percent to 27 percent, Americans believe that “the world would be worse off if the U.S. military had not taken action in Iraq and Saddam Hussein were still in power.” By 59-20, they feel Iraq would’ve been worse off if we hadn’t acted.

Asked what they believe about WMDs in Iraq, 61 percent said there were still such weapons there or that there had been WMDs in the country but that they were destroyed or moved. Only 28 percent agree that Iraq had no WMDs.

These data show that Americans are still largely in sympathy with our objectives in Iraq and accepting of our reasons for entering the war – two good reasons for the Democrats not to overplay their hand in opposing it.”

Meanwhile, over in Iraq:

Most Iraqis disapprove of the presence of U.S. forces in their country, yet they are optimistic about Iraq

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