Jay tries a news update

by | May 21, 2010 | Stress Blog | 2 comments

Andrew Mwangura tells us some about Piracy and illegal activity in Somalian waters

Andrew Mwangura


Did you know? There is now a “South Sudan”. This seems to be a power sharing agreement to try and end the Sudanese civil war.


Russian Parliament members say sanctions won’t stop the sales of Surface-to-Air missiles to Iran.


Hillary Clinton is heading off to twist North Korea’s Arm –

“Underscoring the concern, U.S. officials have refused to call the North’s attack on the ship an act of war or state-sponsored terror, warning that an overreaction could cause the Korean peninsula to ‘explode.'”

No. Actually they’re afraid North Korea’s atomic bombs will explode all over valuable assets.

They’re not worried about the Persian Gulf exploding – because Iran does Not have Nukes.

Paraphrasing Scott – the message here is – “If you want the United States to de-escalate a confrontation you need a nuke in your back pocket. If you don’t have a seriously scary bomb, the U.S. will roll you over.”


I don’t like Abraham Lincoln

But I want to borrow from him.

Where, precisely was the South Korean Frigate? Why was it there? A routine patrol of the Yellow Sea?


Oh, and Hi, Japan.

Japan has been struggling with a economic malaise since the 1990s. Nothing Keynesian seems to work, so what do they do? They do Keynes HARDER.

Wow and to think, if their medium of exchanged was based in silver or gold, none of that evil crap would have happened.

The War’s over. Bring ’em home.