Israel ‘vindicated’ for bombing Syria?

Associated Press Writer Pamela Hess writes, “At the same time, the administration’s release of the intelligence shines light on alleged malfeasance by Syria, which has signed an international treaty requiring it to disclose nuclear interests and activity, and vindicates Israel’s decision to destroy the suspect site.”

Of course, this ‘intelligence’ is still being withheld from the public. The WH is supposed to make a public statement later today. Hopefully, Dana Perrino can further enlighten us as to exactly what proof exists for this allegation.

41 thoughts on “Israel ‘vindicated’ for bombing Syria?”

  1. Anders

    “Of course, this ‘intelligence’ is still being withheld from the public”

    Will it ever see the light of day, or will it be a case of “national security” ?

  2. Miguel

    My gut tells me this ‘reactor’ was about as much a threat as that Sudanese pharmaceutical factory that Clinton bombed.

  3. Anders

    “A source reported to me yesterday that in the last two weeks, Cheney held forth at a meeting on Iraq WMDs and insisted that they were real and still out there,” Clemons reveals. “Cheney believes that Syria has them — and has been watching closely intelligence streams from a secret ‘black SIGINT base’ that the US has placed in the mountains near the intersection of the Syrian, Turkish, and Iraqi borders.”

  4. Mike

    Does it strike anyone else as a little odd that this story broke about the same time as the Israeli spy case was making news?

  5. Mike

    I guess my thinking was that the release of the “Syrian nuclear reactor built by the North Koreans” story takes the heat off the Israelis in the headlines. The media shifts its focus to the “Axis of Evil” and puts the Israelis back in the Victim Driver’s Seat; the lone “democracy” in the Middle East, striking boldly against the Evil-doers, while the Americans play fiddle in Baghdad.

  6. Miguel

    Juan Cole’s take on the Syria reactor story:

    “This story seems to me fishy. Syria is a poor state. Where would it have gotten the money for a reactor? Why exactly are there doubts that North Korea was involved? How much of the intelligence is from US sources and how much from Israeli? The latter are highly politicized. The head of Mossad in 2002 expressed confidence that Saddam was close to getting nukes.”

  7. Anders

    The BBC have a little video presentation .


    Syrian officials have denied any North Korean involvement in their country.

    “These allegations are ridiculous,” Syria’s ambassador to the UK, Sami Khiyami, told the BBC.
    “We are used to such allegations now, since the day the United States has invaded Iraq – you remember all the theatrical presentations concerning the WMDs [weapons of mass destruction] in Iraq.”

    Mr Khiyami said the facility was a deserted military building that had “nothing to do with a reactor”.

  8. Miguel


    I’d like to hear Dr. Prathers take on the video. It certainly is convincing to someone like me who is a layperson with little knowledge of what a reactor looks like. But how does it look to an expert like Gordon Prather?

  9. Anders

    I wonder what the rush was to strike this facility anyway ? why didn’t Israel contact the IAEA before bombing it ? …. it probably was just an old military warehouse and the Israeli’s decided to bomb first and then make the allegations after when there is no evidence left to dispute, just a theory.

    IAEA chief hits out at US, Israel over Syrian reactor claims

  10. stevec

    C’mon….. Greg Palast says NO WAR so end of story….. This is BIG OIL teaming up w/ IRAN to get the price of oil over $120/barrell……….

  11. MikeL

    sorry, scott. it’s true:

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  12. stevec

    You don’t care about ABKAZIA?????

    You better hope that MIKE GRAVEL is NOT listening to this rant…. or your in for a major dressing down dude….

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  13. mudshark

    Dick answers: “I’m not your monkey!”

    lmao! perfect.
    Thanks, MikeL. although it may bite for now, he does leave the door open for some possible future project.

  14. Bob Bogus

    Damn, where’s Bovard. It’s 11 minutes into the hour and all that piece of shit station can do is play commercials.

  15. mudshark

    Paul, it’ll be on Brian’s page at that 105fm station’s website when they post it.
    I saw earlier that that’s where they stash their podcasts.

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