Iran officially takes 200’000 US hostages

by | Sep 4, 2007 | Stress Blog | 18 comments

Now its official: Neocon Imperial policies have made 200’000 US soldiers hostages of Iran. These hostages will be attacked if the Empire decides to attack Iran. That’s not my opinion, it’s what the former commander of the Iranian Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (Pasdaran) has now officially declared.

Guys, the Iranians are *not* threatening to strike at Israel, much less so ‘wiping it off the map’. They will go after US forces (exactly as I have predicted, by the way).

On a more personal note: I do not even have a TV at home. But this week-end I had to “opportunity” to watch some CNN. Jeezus – they are just as pathetically warmongering as FOX. They are still showing ‘heroic’ troops “fighting the insurgency’ kicking down doors in the dark (and finding nobody, I would add). The reports are still entitled “the fight for Iraq”. What a joke! This kind of crap is totally staged, only an idiot would think otherwise. I am baffled that anyone still watches that nonsense. Nobody in the corporate press has the guts to say that all these soldiers will find themselves in hell as soon as the war start. The corporate press claims that Anbar is a success (which it is definitely not) while all the US forces are doing is arming the insurgency (which will turn against them as soon as the weapons deliveries stop). But Anbar will be utterly irrelevant once the war with Iran starts.

The US forces are already trapped and awaiting execution and the entire world knows this, except for the US public.

BTW – you know what Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi is doing since he retired from the Pasdaran? He has become the “Senior Advisor to the Leader for Military Affairs”. That is main advisor for military affairs to the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei, the person who *really* controls the Iranian Armed Forces (including, directly, the Revolutionary Guards Corps, the one with the missiles which the Empire has placed on the “terrorist list”)