Ira Titunik is a Liar

by | Feb 20, 2015 | Stress Blog

Everybody knows that Ira Titunik is a liar. It was in the Washington Post.

He’s perfectly happy to commit the felony of sworn perjury in criminal court in order to help the state convict innocent men.

But the question still remains: Why does Ira Titunik commit perjury so often?

Professional Liar Ira Titunik (left)

Professional Liar Ira Titunik (left)

Is it his greed for the money that the prosecution pays?

Or is it because Ira Titunik is a white supremacist who just likes to see innocent black people convicted of crimes?

Or maybe Ira Titunik is the face-biting rapist the New York cops have been looking for, and deliberately lying on the stand against innocent men is his brilliant scheme to throw them off his trail?

What’s known for sure is that Ira Titunik is a disgusting, honorless, criminal, fraud, liar and bearer of false witness who’s name will go down in history as meaning “two-bit lying scum.” And there’s nothing he can do to change that now.

Radley Balko complete series on bite mark bullshit here, here, here, here.

Update: here’s Titunik’s Yelp page.

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