I’m confused…

by | Aug 2, 2007 | Stress Blog | 7 comments

Hey people, help me out here…

You see, I just don’t know what to make of the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, recent statements by His Royal Majesty, the President on His Absolute Authority, and a number of other items whose veracity may or may not hail from the ninth circle of kookdom.

My feelings occasionally run into a sense of foreboding and dread when I think about what could be in store if certain trends are carried out to their logical conclusion…

Sometimes it seems to me like there is a giant expansion of Federal Power that is underway, leading up to despotism and martial law. That all it will take is one more big terrorist event, and a national emergency will be declared, and then our Republic gets its first permanent Emperor.

(Is this way out of hand, paranoia? I like being told I am crazy, and occasionally need to be brought down to earth. Don’ be shhhhy.)

After all, a government that runs a gun-to-the-head slave society with 1984ish “telescreens” political prisoners and labor camps doesn’t run efficiently, does it? It does not make good money. It does not generate good tax revenue. Is this fact not obvious to others?

But if so, then why are there reports of plans for giant internment camps and processing centers? … Or are those just fiction …?

On the other hand, could not a giant police state in the country formerly known as “America” be set up to benefit a few select interests who have duped a few more to do their bidding? Could a crisis be made to appear bad enough so that a majority would willingly kiss their rights goodbye?

If so, could not these plans be detected and leaked? If so, would people even care?

What the heck are we going to do when all ths hits the fan?

I’ve watched Red Dawn more than a few times. But I am not a kid anymore, and I do have certain fears of mortality and cringe at the thought of bringing torture on my family ala some kind of banana republic.

Does anyone else get these odd forebodings? How does one deal with them rationally?

Can someone give me a fact check and help me sort out the raving lunatic assertions from the facts, here? I would deeply appreciate it.