I Just Joined the Libertarian Party

by | Nov 13, 2019 | Stress Blog

It’s all about our great campaign to run Jacob Hornberger for President of the United States next year.

“Hey Scott Horton, what can we do?” Yall are always asking.

Well here’s something we can do.

The libertarian movement is joining the Libertarian Party to try to really make some great hay out of the Hornberger campaign in the Ron Paul Revolution style.


Go to https://tomwoods.com/lp to sign up today.

And then please, get with your buddies, get involved in your state parties and get yourselves elected to as many delegate spots as you possibly can.

In order to run Hornberger against Trump and Warren (or whichever) next fall, we’ve got to make sure to secure him the nomination first.

Come on now yall. I never do things like this. But this time it’s right and it’s worth it and I’m asking you to please join me.

Any radio, video, podcasts hosts out there who want to talk with me about this, please contact my producer Ed, at ed@scotthorton.org

Listen to my new interview of Jacob Hornberger here.

Thanks everyone!

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