How much does the US really pay for its unconditional support of Israel?!

by | Jun 1, 2007 | Stress Blog | 5 comments

An increasing number of US public figures are breaking the old taboo and openly discussing the huge cost the US is paying for its unconditional support of Israel. From Michael Scheuer, to President Carter, from John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt’s to Scott Ritter, to the recent Republican Presidential debate in which Ron Paul dared to openly say that US policies in the Middle-East had something to do with the “blowback” on 911. What is less known, however, is the huge, absolultey stupendous financial costs of the US support of Israel.  Find out here.

And then ask yourself: will anybody in power in the US be deterred from an attack on Iran by arguments about the inevitable consequences of such an attack for the USA?