Hi! How Are You?

by | Apr 30, 2007 | Stress Blog | 3 comments

Oscar Goldman wants you...

Hey shiney people. Ideas for various bloggerooneys have been bouncing around my cranium walls. (On a clear day, you can hear the clanging for miles around.) Unfortunately, any semblance of ANY SEMBLANCE OF coherence, if manifest here, would merely resemble verbal flatulence. Serious writing is not ready to be hatched.

So, boys and girls, here’s one or two ideas to tide you over to ameliorate those pre-summertime blues:

I propose a tag team for libertarian discussion boarders. Most libertarians or an-caps are a “live and let live” kind of people, and don’t really have a whole lot of stamina to browbeat others, i.e., force them to similarly live and let live.

We’d rather be doing things like getting rich, tending to our familes, inventing things, or quietly writing manifestos in remote-but-well-stocked locations.

But also, we tend to be loners, our piss and vinegar individualism getting us into trouble, vastly outnumbered (on average 50:1) by die-hard statists. We may be right, but we might need a bit of rest. For example, Joe Schmoe on board X announces that the Federal Reserve is really a raw deal, and promotes disorder rather than order. Then he gets slack and has the nerve to go to bed, wake up, and work at a full-time job–and the fact that he has a life being productive beyond the internet does not matter to die-hard collectivists, who then believe that they have torn his rationale to shreds when in reality they did not “hear” a word he said.

What I said is that let here be the place where one person can tag the other to carry on the fight for a bit one of these political discussion boards.

Okay, next idea.

For fans of the TV series Firefly, you can hear a really really good story about what happened to Mal after he got back from the Unification War. It’s great on headphones. Give it a listen y’all. It’s outstanding, or in Firefly parlance, “shiney”: