Heritage Neocons at “Prayer”

by | Nov 11, 2006 | Stress Blog

Thomas DiLorenzo:

“The political fortunes of the neocons could be measured by what one might call a Linco-meter. Whenever they are in big political trouble, or are about to embark on another barbaric, unnecessary war, they step up the frequency of Lincoln idolatry and worship. A case in point: The Heritage Foundation is all but holding seances to bring Abe back to life to rescue the GOP. On Nov. 15 they are sponsoring a lecture by Lincoln idolater Alan Guelzo, author of “Abraham Lincoln: Redeemer President.” Seeking redemption for your sins? Embrace their “Father Abraham” as your savior.

Then on Nov. 20 Lincoln idolater Gabor Boritt of Gettysburg College will speak on

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