Happy WMD Day, warmonger slag

by | Aug 6, 2007 | Stress Blog | 5 comments

Under the rising sun dirty yellow children play
And in the red pagoda mamasan is praying
Blood wasted saving face, ancestors are looking on
As they wave their silver samurai underneath the big gun
Hiroshima, no one could imagine
Not the victors nor the victims
Pitiful survivors nor the pawn of a man
Who had the button under his hand
No one would believe it
God, God is on our side, he placed the power in our hands
To teach the yellow peril, this is christian mercy
Harry, harry give em hell, give em hell one more time again
Well show those axis powers how to make an oven [fry them]
Hiroshima, nagasaki
Dont you ever forget, dont you ever fuckin forget

This is the official voice of the united states of america addressing the
peoples of the islands of Japan. Tomorrow morning, on august 15th, 1945 at
exactly 8:15 am, we will bomb your cities of nagasaki and hiroshima with a
blast that will level these cities. This is the only alert you will receive.

Utopia, RA – 1977