Gullible Americans

by | Apr 29, 2007 | Stress Blog | 16 comments

Lies, torture, evasions and deceptions.  Sounds like the powers that be still have us running in circles and arguing over the details but few, if any, are looking at the big picture.  I suggest that a re-read of the Paul Craig Roberts article: Gullible Americans is in order.  Especially the parts about the collapse of the Trade Center buildings.  Why indeed did the three buildings collapse into nice neat little piles within their own footprints? If the fires in the floors where the planes impacted were indeed hot enough to melt the steel support structure then it is a stretch to think that the superstructure in these areas would have collapsed symmetrically so as to allow the buildings to collapse on a perfectly vertical plane. It would have been more likely that if the steel began to melt and collapse then the structures above this point would have toppled over and fell into the areas surrounding the buildings.