Frontline: Cheney’s Law

Tuesday, October 16, 2007, at 9 P.M. ET on PBS

“Through interviews with key administration figures, Cheney’s Law documents the bruising bureaucratic battles between a group of conservative Justice Department lawyers and the Office of the Vice President over the legal foundation for the most closely guarded programs in the war on terror,” says FRONTLINE producer/director/writer Michael Kirk. This is Kirk’s tenth documentary about the Bush administration’s policies since 9/11 (Rumsfeld’s War, The Torture Question, The Dark Side, The Lost Year in Iraq, Endgame).

Following the broadcast, Cheney’s Law will be available to view on FRONTLINE’s Web site,

7 thoughts on “Frontline: Cheney’s Law”

  1. Xenos

    I’ve had it set to record on my DVR for PBSHD for the last week. Looking forward to watching this. Frontline always does a pretty good job on these subjects – ‘The Dark Side’ should have won some kind award.

  2. anti-fascist

    I just had a thought I’d like to share. Since the election of the Democratic Congress, Pelosi has thwarted and stiffed the antiwar movement at every turn, not only financing the war and sanctioning Bush’s crimes by taking Impeachment “Off the Table,” but actively working to discredit and triangulate us. However, with this Armenian Genocide resolution she is giving the antiwar movement the greatest unintentional gift ever– The Turks might just throw us out of Incirlik air base and declare war on our only real ally in Iraq. With her stupid resolution Pelosi’s going to completely undermine the U.S. strategic position in Iraq, something the antiwar movement could never accomplish in its wildest dreams. I certainly don’t support the resolution– it’s just political correctness run amok, and it’s hypocrisy for a government that presided over slavery, the Native American genocide, and the Iraqi Holocaust that is happening right now to condemn any other state for a historical event, but I’m certainly in favor of undermining the Empire’s middle east policy. Go Nancy Go!

  3. mudshark Post Author

    yes, Dark Side was very good, as was Endgame. I just heard about this one this morning when Charles had Michael Kirk on the show.

  4. phil

    Lynne Cheney was on Jon Stewart the other night. He was easy on her. She said something like we will look back on this era and realize that we are doing the right thing, foreign policy wise.

    I remember her on TV in the 90’s as a “so called” conservative commentator, full of self righteousness standing up to the evil Clinton cabal. But in reality, she is like Tony Soprano’s wife!!

    Still cannot understand how someone like this can be pro-Life and pro-War at the same time??

    PS: They are running Hillary ads on this website as I write this. Her picture looks like she is belching thru her teeth.

  5. Mace Price

    …Even if I think Kirk’s pulling his punches, let’s see him do an equally incisive Documentary on AIPAC, and the Walt – Mearsheimer indictment of The Israeli Lobby…and the US Foreign Policy cum “Unitary Executive” disaster and encroaching “Crown Jewel” tyranny it has brought about…If he’s not that eager?—Maybe I can help him? Bottom line:

    “—We’ll be men again if we have to hang for it!”

    Clark Gable, Mutiny on The Bounty, 1935

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