For the third time a top Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (“Pasdaran”) commander threatens US forces in the Middle East

by | Sep 17, 2007 | Stress Blog | 1 comment

I just read this in an Iranian newspaper:

A top general in the Revolutionary Guards said that Iran’s missiles could hit a range of targets belonging to US troops operating in neighboring Iraq and Afghanistan.

“Today the Americans are around our country but this does not mean that they are encircling us. They are encircled themselves and are within our range,” General Mohammad Hassan Koussechi told IRNA.

“If the United States is saying that they have identified 2,000 targets in Iran, then what is certain is that it is the Americans who are all around Iran and are equally our targets.”

This is the third time that a senior Pasdaran commander openly threatens to retaliate against US forces in the Middle East. Before General Mohammad Hassan Koussechi the same threat was previously made by Brigadier General Mohammad Ali Jaafari, the recently appointed commander of the Pasdaran, and by Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi, former commander of the Pasdaran and currently Senior Advisor to the Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei for Military Affairs. It is worth remembering here that the Pasdaran control Iranian missile forces and that they are directly subordinated to the Supreme Leader

==>>Update: looks like IAEA chief inspector El-Baradei is rather angy with the French foreign minister for his words.<<==