10 thoughts on “Finally, the LNC Antiwar Resolution”

  1. Mace Price

    …While I’m thinking about it: If Ron Paul enjoys considerable support from the US Military; then I wonder what the newly, Kissinger anointed C in C, John “Killer” McCain actually thinks of him behind closed doors? Why are the likes of Limbaugh, that Goddamned Addington, Elliot Abrams and the rest of the neo-Con Clean Breakers all scared shitless of him?—Shitless enough to allow a division in their ranks—Or if Ron Paul will end up supporting him? After all The Good Doctor is technically a Republican…I have a dream too…that, once in power, The Killer will resume his track record of recalcitrance, defiance and insubordination and accordingly tell the Israel Firsters that: Enough, is enough.

  2. Scott

    Wes Benedict is a real libertarian.

    Mace – Eric thinks that McCain’s independent enough that he might be really good – even though he’s a psycho. I’ve decided to not count on it.

  3. Mace Price

    …Well…For that matter I ain’t gonna bet my ass on it either…and yeah, sure McCain’s little punchy…But Dude…I know Goddamned well that the pro neo-Con, Republican crowd, who’s backward convictions as rhetoric are represented by the mouthings of Glen Beck, that fucking’ Hannity and his fat, pansy ass, friend Limbaugh—Both Piped into Dana Perino et al—Don’t dislike him for their health—That, and our prediction of Hillary’s downfall over a year ago? Calls for a celebration! For me it’s 12 year old Irish Whiskey!

  4. Mace Price

    …Nah, nah don’t sweat it Dude…That and get a load of this…Informed and reliable sources here have it that; one of Big Mother’s Las Vegas Campaign Offices is $1500.00 behind on the rent, and also owes a local storage firm a considerable amount of money that the Campaign doesn’t seem to have…Too many “Air Hillary” chartered jets junkets and catered lunches with high end Champagne…i.e., She’s all done…burnt toast…even if NBC, CBS and ABC are all 3 still promoting her she’s had the lick nonetheless…I mean, consider: A spread of 5 talking heads including Mark Shields and Old Buchanan on Matthews MSNBC Hardball said as much when he told ’em bluntly “OK, pick the Democratic Winner”…and that was two days ago…Now this Obama clown’s cleaned up in Wisconsin…like he will in Ohio…In short? He’s become a Goddamn Juggernaut…Each day he gets stronger, while that big arrogant, fat ass, foul mouthed lying bitch gets weaker…OK…enough on the Clintonistas…as for Chris Mathews’ Hardball?—Hardball my ass, if that’s Hardball I’d sure as hell hate to see Softball. Bottom line: Finis Dominato Clintoni…Now I’m gonna have some more Jameson Irish Redbreast…Nos da!

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