Fake Cassus Belli Alert!

by | Jun 20, 2006 | Stress Blog

The Voice of America reports:

The Defense Department says in the absence of any statement by the North Korean government it will not be possible to know whether a widely expected missile launch is a test or an attack.Spokesman Bryan Whitman would not confirm reports that North Korea is preparing to launch a long-range missile, saying he could not discuss intelligence matters. But he says if there is a launch without any advance notice from the government in Pyongyang, there will be no basis on which to assume it is only a test.

“‘Test’ would, to me, indicate that you are doing something like an exercise,” he said. “You are testing a missile. ‘Test’ has intent behind it, as opposed to launching a missile. When you are launching a missile, to me, you [others] do not know what the intent of the launch is, you [others] do not know if the launch is intended to be a test or something else.”

The Pentagon spokesman hinted to reporters that if North Korea launches a missile the United States might use its new missile defense system.

“The United States does have a limited missile defense system. I will not get into or discuss any specific alert status or capabilities,” added Whitman.

Probably just hot air, but you know how desperate politicians act some times…

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