Don’t just do something! STAND THERE!

by | May 5, 2007 | Stress Blog | 3 comments

Oh…uh…sorry.  I mean “Don’t just stand there, DO SOMETHING!”

Big protests against the Warfare State don’t work.  They only get a few seconds on teevee, and those that fill the camera tape tend to be of a type that arouses contempt in ordinary Americans–i.e., rather hairy and unwashed folk who leave behind a scent of patchouli and skunkweed that lasts at least several hours.

Blogging and pirate radio are GREAT, but this might end up being 90% “preaching to the converted” and 7% “agitating the unconvincable.”  Or not. I wonder about this sometimes.  Certainly it helps to inspire us, to move our consciences and emotions, but inspire us to do what?

Letter writing is one thing.  Amesty International is an excellet source of addresses and specific grievances against crimes by the State inflicted upon private citizens.

But it time for a complementary approach?  Perhaps..

I suggest…hmm how should I put this…It’s time for pinpoint, precision-guided focus on a few key institutions. By this I mean watch them very carefully, study them and their employees closely in microscopic detail, and perhaps behave like a huge cloud of gnats if they become acutely hazardous to millions of innocent lives.  Some of you may balk at his suggestion.  But I say, “why the heck not?!”  They do this to usThey’ve been doing it (and doing us) for years.

Why do I choose these select few?  Because they do not protect our life and liberty and do no keep the peaceThey do the opposite.

Anyway, this is my short list. Can you think of a few more, but not too many more?


The Rendon Group


The Carlyle Group

The American Enterprise Institute


 The National Securty Agency

 The Department of Homeland Security