DOJ White Paper on Assassinations of U.S. Citizens

by | Feb 5, 2013 | Stress Blog

Okay, so I just read this “white paper” [pdf] by the Justice Department explaining the reasoning behind presidential assassinations of American citizens. Tomorrow The Other Scott Horton will be on the show to really explain, but best I can tell they claim that if a “high level official” designates an American citizen abroad a “operational leader” of al Qaeda then they can be killed. Being a citizen does not “immune” one from such treatment. All laws against murder are void when violated by the president’s agents and the courts may not review it. They claim it would only apply where capture is not “feasible,” as though someone being out in the woods or the desert in a foreign country that we are not at war with is somehow “on the battlefield” where they might as well be wearing a German army uniform.

Now lets see if the second amendment people care at all about the 5th.

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