David Sanger is a Liar

by | Sep 20, 2013 | Stress Blog

That’s why no one takes his “journalism” seriously.

Check out this pile of stinking horseshit right here (I wonder if Nima or someone has a master list of them all…):

“Unless a good deal of the current infrastructure is dismantled, Iran will be able to maintain a threshold nuclear capability ”” that is, it will be just a few weeks, and a few screwdriver turns, from building a weapon.”

Goodness! Just a few weeks would be hardly enough time to start an aggressive war against them over it!

Robert Naiman points out that even Obama admits that if Iran ever did withdraw from the NPT and their Safeguards Agreement and began trying to make nukes out of the uranium they have, it would still take them approximately a year from that point.

Too bad for Netanyahu and his tiny tool Sanger the Iranians have been undermining their own breakout capability, converting their 20% enriched U-235 to fuel and thereby making it virtually impossible to use that metal in any future hypothetical bomb.

David Sanger is a pathetic joke. He fits right in with the New York Times legacy of deceit: Walter Duranty, Judith Miller, Michael Gordon and Jayson Blair — and stupidity: Friedman, Kristol, Brooks.

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