Curious About Iran

by | Jun 19, 2009 | Stress Blog | 4 comments

Most on this blog are familiar with the work of Stephen Kinzer and his book on the 1953 overthrow of the popular Iranian government to restore the dictator and thug Reza Shah who oppressed and murdered 10’s of thousands who opposed his rule and loss of freedom. Presidential decendent and CIA spy Kermit Roosevelt orchestrated the event out of the US embassy in Tehran, staging violent riots against a forewarned police, playing the middle against the ends until chaos forced a decision toward the perceived stability of a restored monarch. Since over half of the population in Iran is under 30, few will remember that defining event. But not the supreme leader. He was around during those days, as well as in 1979 when fermenting Islamic radicals took their opportunity to strike and take back control of their country from the grips of a US-placed tyrant. How did that experience shape the response of the supreme leader yesterday in his declaration of a clear winner in the presidential election, even with thousands marching in the street in protests? Does he think the protesters today are speaking for themselves, or acknowledging the US dollars and effectiveness of the Iran Democracy Fund? One would have to conclude that the “supreme leader” would take these protests much more seriously had there been no sustained, blatant effort on the part of the US and Israel to overthrow the sitting Iranian president. Or, there would have been no protest. What do you think?