Congress (almost) declares war on Iran

by | Jun 21, 2007 | Stress Blog | 2 comments

Nevermind that this is all based on a falsified translation of Ahmadinejad’s words, nevermind that the UN itself had condemned Zionism as a form of racism for many years, nevermind that Iran poses absolutely no threat to anyone in the region – the US Congress has covered itself in shame and disgrace yet again.

After cheering on Israel for its “continued efforts to prevent civilian casualties” during the war in Lebanon last summer, after congratulating Israel on its illegal conquests, Congress now call on the world to condemn the President of Iran and “reaffirms the unwavering strategic partnership between the United States and Israel and reasserts the steadfast commitment of the United States to defend the right of Israel to exist as a free and democratic state (nevermind that it is the last self-declared ethno-religious state on the planet whose internal policies similar to the South African Apartheid according to Desmond Tutu).

Only Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich has the courage to actually vote “no” to this kind of propaganda.

Oh boy – talk about a psychological preparation for war!!

(I am sure that Olmert and Netanyahu are satisfied with the results of their efforts)

Ok – so the case is clear now. Here is how all this will be packaged:

  • Iran is a rogue state, part of the axis of evil, whose President is guilty of calling for genocide.
  • The UNSC has expressed its concern at Iran (fully legal and NPT compliant) civil nuclear program and imposed (illegal) sanctions (in violation of the NPT in fact).
  • Iran also is repsonsible for the mess in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Gaza.
  • The US Congress has expressed its repeated utmost outrage and concern at Iran’s alledged actions
  • If no action is taken, another “Holocaust” – this time a nuclear one – will happen in Israel to whom Iran poses an existential threat

Thus the Empire has “no choice” but to “shoulder its responsability” and “historical mission” to engage into a “defensive war” since the nobody else has the will or the means to do so.

That cowardly and sold-out Congress would have done better to openly declare war on Iran. The result would have been the same, but at least that would have been somewhat more honorable.

As for Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich – they will go down in history as examples of integrity and courage in the face of a general decline in courage of an entire political class.

(full text of resolution and vote results on my blog)