by | May 25, 2007 | Stress Blog | 2 comments

An article in the Australian states: “It was not clear whether President George W. Bush was briefed.”  The article centers on the claims that the US government was extensively briefed on the potential dangers of invading Iraq.  So, the “decider” may or may not have been briefed but decided to invade Iraq anyhow…  Sounds really decisive to me.

 It has never been very clear as to what Bush actually knows about anything so this “news” is not very surprising but it does give some insight into how this administration has managed to make such a colossal mess of things during its term in office.

 p.s. It is also not “clear” as to whether or not N. Korea managed to detonate a nuke but whatever it was that they did sure made Bushco change course in a hurry…  Perhaps Bush was “briefed”?