Christian Science Monitor publishes a crude warmongering rant

by | May 10, 2007 | Stress Blog | 7 comments

It appears that the Christian Science Monitor is joining in the chorus of warmongering “laptop stragetists” who are calling for a war with Iran. Two days ago the published a primitive propaganda diatribe aimed at coinvincing the CSM’s reader that a war with Iran was a good idea after all.

Being the ignorant “legal alien” the I am in the USA, I was under the impression that the CSM monitor was all in all a decent newspaper, different from the rest of the corporate media (which I consider little more than a propaganda mouthpiece for the lobbies which run the USA). I can think of quite a few past original articles by the CSM, in particular about the neocons, which were refreshingly different from the usual mediatic genuflexions towards the White House.

Was this warmongering screech (written by a Swiss academic) just a fluke, or a form of editorial “pluralism” or is the CSM really as bad as the rest?

How is the CSM considered among US libertarians and anti-war activists? Do they ever cover Ron Paul or Ralph Nader in any reasonable way, or is the CSM just another propaganda outlet?