Bush Administration Traitors!

by | Jun 30, 2006 | Stress Blog

As long as the we’re going after the New York Times for the evil of publishing the stories about the NSA terrorist wiretapping, terrorist bank record spying, etc., I say let’s lynch the treacherous scum in the Bush White House!

Get a load of this statement by some “senior official” Benedict Arnold describing what the administration told the leaders of the heroic Kadima party in Israel, warning them to not go “too far” in their triumphant re-invasion of the Gaza strip:

“‘The Israeli measures might not only affect innocent civilians but could build support for Hamas,’ said the senior official in an interview with Reuters.

“‘We have told them to be careful because plainly when you have this kind of military force deployed close to civilian populations there is a very high risk of accidents and I think that can further worsen this crisis.'”

Collective Punishment counterproductive? How dare you lying traitors imply that The Terrorists

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