Boy, some Monday the Empire gave us today!

by | Jul 2, 2007 | Stress Blog | 15 comments

Check this stuff out:

First, the BBC webpage give the impression of an “obsessive-compulsive disorder” of the Imperial High Command. Then, yet another whistleblower, this time with the NSA, speaks out.  Then a Jordanian newspaper claims, listen to this, that the US wants to send its troops not to hell, no worse, into Gaza!  BTW – in Gaza Hamas is fighting the faction which kidnapped Alan Johnston.

Oh yes, and Castro write an op-ed about the CIA’s family Jewels.

Never a dull moment..

I was wondering – you guys believe that it was Al-Qaeda which tried to bomb England and Scotland?

I don’t at all.  Looks to me like just another PR stint.  If it miraculously turns out that Iran was linked to all this will we know for sure.

In the meanwhile,

Have a great week everybody!