Bonnie and Clyde Incarnate

by | Feb 4, 2009 | Stress Blog | 5 comments

Bonnie and Clyde had a love affair based on murder, mayhem and running from the law. Today, there are two countries in the world whose torrid affair bears a glaring resemblance: America and Israel.

Our’s is really a dysfunctional, one-way relationship, though. We helped them seize Palestine and drive out its residents; we have stood alone supporting their oppression of the Palestinians; and even though our country is bankrupt, the U.S. taxpayers shower them with $5 Billion per year in weapons and welfare.

In return, what do we get from them?

For one, Israel killed 34 Americans when they attacked the U.S.S. Liberty. Why? Probably because we overheard the truth of their attack on their neighbors was offensive instead of defensive as their official narrative claims, which started the 1967 war.

Another souvenir of our relationship was 9/11. No, Bin Laden didn’t commit 9/11 because we are ‘free’; he did it because of our violent interventions in the Mideast, which include our unwavering support (with weapons, cash and political cover) for Israel’s domination of the Palestinians.

If the Israelis didn’t need us to support their mission of creating the ‘Greater Israel’ from the Euphrates to the Nile, they would most likely hate America. They should recognize that, in several ways, America is partially responsible for the Holocaust.

1- Had America not intervened in World War I, it most likely would have ended in a stalemate. The end of the war would have been a compromise where each side would have ended up with equal concessions. Instead, Germany was enslaved by the Versailles Treatise, which destroyed Germany and gave rise to Hitler and his ideology. Exiting the Versailles conventions many knew that: ‘This is not Peace. It is an Armistice for twenty years.’

2- Hitler learned most of his eugenics principles from Americans who, in the early 20th century, led the world in eugenics, in theory and practice.

3- As a youth, Hitler was enamored by the stories of how the Aryan/ Christians had dominated the Native American savages. This planted the seeds of his future racism and fantasies of racial crusades. While invading Russia he commonly referred to them as ‘Redskins.’

4- The American Indian reservations were the inspiration for Hitler’s concentration camps.

It’s also ironic that the tactic America used to take the Indians country, which inspired Hitler for the Holocaust, was also adopted by Israel to liberate the Palestinian’s land. That is, if you don’t hand over your land, we will make you as miserable as possible until you leave. And we don’t mind if you retaliate, because we will use that as justification to kill a hundred of you for every one of us killed.

And speaking of Indians, the founding fathers inspiration for a truly free American society was largely influenced by the ancient Iroquois Confederacy and their Constitution: ‘The Great Law of Peace.’ They showed us such principles as: A federal confederacy; individual freedom; no class stratification; leaders were servants to the people; impeachment; probable cause and women’s rights. Iroquois women had the power to approve or veto war, what a great idea! (Except for Hilary and Condi).

Nature was the supreme spiritual ruler, not some man-made fantasy of an omnipotent state or man-God. The Founding Fathers realized that the Indian’s views on society, politics and environment would lead to a better world for all. It had worked for them since around the year 1100. America has gone astray from many of these founding principles as evidenced by our world now imploding around us. Rediscovering our ‘real’ history may be the missing key to a peaceful and prosperous future.

America’s hubris continues to create new enemies who will eventually surpass our military strength. Our ‘War on Terror’ method of dealing with the world will come back to bit us. Bonnie and Clyde’s reign of terror ended in a hail of bullets, if we do not reverse our course and rediscover our roots, ours may end in a rain of ICBM’s.