Bonkers Bolton On Fox News: Israel Will Use Force.

Warning: The following video contains lot’s of bullshit, so much so you may feel the urge to throw your computer against the wall. Also contains disturbing mustache.

9 thoughts on “Bonkers Bolton On Fox News: Israel Will Use Force.”

  1. evilpaul

    I’d say the warning should read ’70’s gay porn mustache, but I don’t think anyone would be involved with Bolton even for money.

    1. Anders Post Author

      Thanks,… just about to tuck into me fish and chips  and you’ve put a very disturbing picture in my head 🙂 , … actually “Bonkers Bolton” sounds a bit like a 70’s porn movie 🙂 .

      1. Anders Post Author

        Or, If he’s so insistent on f**king Iranians, how about “Bonkers Bolton does Iran”, ….  i’ve gone to far haven’t I ? 🙂

  2. TC Bell

    I’m going to quote this prick: “They are also engaged in a “Charm Offensive” too. Less visible but just as active, to try and get diplomacy going to provide further cover for them. So they can say,”No need for military force. We’re in negotiation, remain calm.” They’ve used this before very successfully.” Is it just me or did he not describe the Neo-Cons circa September ’02 – February ’03?

  3. Troy

    Oh!  The U.S. is there with the “permission” of the government that they set up.  U.S. forces are only in Iraq because Iraqis want them there, I guess it’s not so bad after all!

  4. Angela

    I hate everything about this clip.  The content. The guest.  The host. The back drop and the logo. 

    I want to beat the shit out of everyone involved in this including lighting techs and the guy in parking garage. 

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