Antiwar Veteran Starts New Blog

by | Apr 6, 2006 | Stress Blog

Charlie Ehlen, a Vietnam War veteran and sometimes pen-pal of mine, has started up a new blog called Charlie’s Corner.

This 10th tier blogger is happy to have him around.

Check out his article for CounterPunch from last Christmas and the email he sent me today:

Re: Karen Kwiatkowski on C-SPAN

Mr. Horton,

Mrs. Kwiatkowski deserves our highest respect. OK, she didn’t “do an Ellsberg”, but she has consistently told the TRUTH about this bullshit war. She ranks at the top of my heroes list. This from a former Marine, Viet Nam vet. We need more brave Americans like her.

The current criminal administration and their war crimes makes me sick. Our troops are being de-humanized by this damned war. Every one of the troops in Afghanistan and Iraq will suffer PTSD and other wounds, physical and psychic for life. I know this from personal experience. Memories are like star light, they go on forever.

Every new atrocity just brings back a flood of old memories of Viet Nam. Sure, the Iraqis dead look a bit different than dead Vietnamese. Iraqi are a bit taller, more robust. Dead Marines look like dead Marines, regardless the physical setting. Same for army dead. What a total goddamn waste!

This criminal administration is making me ashamed to be an American. And I served HONORABLY for my enlistment. Hell, I still love my country, but the gang running it, that is more than a human being can bear. What a damned load of shit has been dumped on us, by our own government!

I keep reading, Counterpunch, FFF, and other real news sites. I reply to many articles. Was told by one contributor at Counterpunch to do my own article. It made the web site on 26 December 2005. Hell, one day before my 58th birthday! Incredible. This disabled machinist, former Marine, got published! What a happy BD present.I was even asked by another site to do more articles. Not sure that I can, no formal training in writing.

I got a blog though. By accident! I was replying to a blog and needed to “sign up” to post. During that sign up, was asked if I wanted a blog. Why not. Hell, now I can rant till my hearts content.

Thank you for your commentary. I always read your comments. You are doing outstanding work in service to all humanity.

Keep up the excellent work.

Charlie Ehlen
Glenmora, LA
oh, my blog is at I call it Charlie’s Corner.

We’re happy to have you around Charlie.

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